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A month after coffee is roasted it begins to stale. The date roasted is the day it came out of the roaster. Each pouch has one so you know exactly how fresh it is. That date will be on or after the day you order. Me & Dad are setting a new standard for coffee. Smell the difference. When was your coffee Roasted?

Ethically Sourced

I purchase green coffee beans from a wholesaler that imports coffee from around the world. Every bean comes directly from a specific region in the world. Currently, I have green coffee from a region in Columbia called Hulu

Roasted with Love

Each batch is individually roasted in a Quartz rotisserie roasted and rapidly cooled in an electric coffee bean cooler. My father, myself and my son have been practicing with this roaster for several years.

Delivered Fresh

Each pouch is sealed and equipped with a degassing valve. A ziplock is beneath the seal to keep the oxygen out once the seal is broken. Coffee begins to go stale the moment it is ground. Therefore we only sell coffee beans that are freshly roasted. You will need a coffee grinder.


COFFEE Roasting, IT’S

Try coffee that hasn’t gone stale on a shelf. Experience the natural aromas of our coffee with no added flavorings or preservatives. My son Frank and I are excited to share coffee that is actually fresh.



A company called Genuine Origin imports coffee from various farmers from all over the world. Those farmers are located at different elevations which is a major contributing factor to how the coffee tastes.



Each bag of coffee is individually roasted. You get fresh coffee. Coffee begins to go stale about a month after it’s roasted. When the coffee is ground, it begins to go stale almost immediately. For this reason, I only sell whole bean roasted coffee.




Customers share
their coffee joy

Chanel R.


“I love the smooth taste of Me & Dads coffee. It is my small moment of joy every day. I truly recommend it to all coffee lovers out there.”

Greg M.


“Delicious coffee and amazing customer service. Ever since I received my first bag of whole bean coffee I’ve been in love with this company.”

Emma M.


“Amazing company. I love trying different kinds of coffee every month and taking the time to enjoy every cup of coffee. ”

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